– [Narrator] Hypothermia. It’s something you see all too often in movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio. But what is it, exactly? And how does it really happen? Our body is always trying to maintain a balmy temperature of around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or 37 degrees Celsius. Hypothermia occurs when our body… Continue Reading What Hypothermia Does To Your Body And Brain

When you die, there are a lot of things you can do with your dead body–bury it, cremate it, have your ashes loaded into fireworks so you can rain down on people on the 4th of July, but some people will choose to have their dead bodies, or body parts,… Continue Reading Can You Cryogenically Freeze Your Body and Come Back to Life?

Today we’re gonna freeze our butts off. Literally. Let’s talk about that. (upbeat theme music) Good Mythical Morning. Mythical beasts, it’s fall here in LA, so that means it’s a chilly 80 degrees out. But there is a way we can experience the sub-zero temperatures that many of you will… Continue Reading Freezing Our Bodies For 3 Minutes | Cryotherapy Test