In 2011 my 23 year old son was diagnosed with life-threatening condition called Crohn’s Disease. Our family had gone through something we hadnever experienced before. We grew up with a normal American diet. Running an exercising like normal people. We never had any health issues before. We had had no… Continue Reading Introduction – Crowdfunding for Alternative Medicine

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Hello are you struggling with chronic fatigue, weight loss, moodiness, and hormone imbalances? Well you might have something going on with your thyroid gland or adrenal gland or both. Common symptoms of hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and Hashimoto’s are weight gain, chronic fatigue, and hormone imbalances. If this is something that you’ve… Continue Reading Natural Alternatives For Chronic Fatigue, Thyroid Disorders and Adrenal Burnout

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Hey there it’s Dr. Justin Marchegiani. Welcome back to the beyond wellness radio podcast. Today we have a phenomenal guest, we have Dr. Russell Jaffe in the house. Dr. Russell is a PhD MD nine years all at Boston University. One graduation lots of good knowledge there… Continue Reading Conventional Medicine to Functional Natural Medicine | Podcast #232

Ty Bollinger: So let me start out to begin with, let me ask you, how did get involved with what you’re doing? You’re a chiropractor. You specialize in nutrition. You’ve treated people with cancer. I mean how did you get involved in this line of work? Did you dream of… Continue Reading Dr. David Jockers – Why I Got into Alternative Medicine

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Hi, I’m Dr. Christopher Mote. Our clinic is Cornerstone Health Community. Today, I wanted to talk to you about the difference between functional medicine and alternative medicine, because I really don’t think functional medicine truly is alternative. I’ll give you an example. To me, having been a chiropractic physician in… Continue Reading Functional vs. Alternative Medicine – Dr. Christopher Mote, DO, DC

I’m an alternative doctor. What that means is that i offer alternatives. I”m not anti-medicine. Medicine has done wonderful things. My wife is alive because of medicine. …and I’m very very grateful! However, my wife is not healthy because of medicine. My wife is healthy because we took the live… Continue Reading What’s the Difference Between Conventional & Alternative Medicine?

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