Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel and to a technical video about the Boeing 747 landing gear and what that’s got to do with a bulldozer Just a bit of advice before watching this video you might want to check out my previous video about how do… Continue Reading BODY GEAR STEERING on the Boeing 747 / Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

(film reel rattling) (piano music) – [Arnold] Not every legend is a myth. Some are flesh and blood. Some legends walk among us. But, they aren’t born, they are built. Legends are made from iron and sweat, mind and muscle, blood and vision, and victory. Legends and champions, they grow,… Continue Reading How To Train For Mass | Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint Training Program

Okay, we’re going to attach the liter to the fly line again, but this time we’re going to do it with a needle. We’re still doing a nail knot, but we’re just going to do it a little bit easier way. Same thing, we’re going to line up the fly… Continue Reading Setting Up a Fly Fishing Reel : Fly Fishing Needle Knot for Leader

Trailer unter der Regie von Hideo Kojima geführt und bearbeitet (Vögel am Himmel) (Tragt) Mit Nuklearwaffen bestückter zweibeiniger Kampfpanzer Metal Gear REX (Diese Wörter sind für mich) (Das Leben, es schmeckt süß) (Es lässt mich leben) Mit Nuklearwaffen bestückter zweibeiniger amphibischer Kampfpanzer Metal Gear RAY (Es lässt mich atmen) (Die… Continue Reading [Official] MGSV:TPP LAUNCH TRAILER | METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (EU) PEGI [KONAMI]