In Homeopathy we learn, we learn that each organism has its own severity of state, that means: headache one person, headache the other person. In this headache, which is similar to his headache, it’s much more easy to cure than this headache, that means there is a depth on this… Continue Reading E-Learning Program in Classical Homeopathy by Prof. George Vithoulkas

I must say that this was a great surprise for me… to see so many people coming from so far places like Brazil. I hear, I got some information from your teacher. She told me that you are using low potencies mostly. Who is using high potencies from Brazil? You… Continue Reading Secrets of taking a Homeopathic Case

Egy egyedülálló hely, ahol Klasszikus Homeopátiát lehet tanulni A Klasszikus Homeopátia Nemzetközi Akadémiája A hely, ahol tanulni lehet: a Klasszikus Homeopátia Nemzetközi Akadémiája Az eszköz, ami által tanulni lehet: Prof George Vithoulkas E-learning programja A világ összes nagy homeopatája George Vithoulkas Prof. tanítványa volt. Egy inspiráló Tanító egy egyedi Tanfolyamon,… Continue Reading A Unique Place to Learn Classical Homeopathy