Hi Cats! Welcome to a new video here on the channel, I hope you are very well, have you had a happy new year, a merry christmas Today I am recording from eBODY store, which is a brand of mesh bodies of bento bodies and this store offers us a… Continue Reading 🎁FREE BODY + BOM | EBODY | SECOND LIFE🎁

most of us spend a lot of time sitting in the car at the office or at home and having a comfortable orthopedic seat cushion could help alleviate pain and improve your posture this is the Yokaro orthopedic seat cushion it’s designed to support your posture and can be used… Continue Reading YOKARO ORTHOPEDIC SEAT CUSHION🍀Relieve Lower Back Pain| PILLOW REVIEW 👈

today we’re looking at a memory foam knee pillow from Cushion Lab stay tuned to learn more alright so the memory foam knee pillow from cushion lab comes in this nice little handy carrying case so I’m going to take it out of the bag and I have one of… Continue Reading Knee Pillow 🌼Wedge, Legs| MEMORY FOAM PAIN RELIEF Cushion Lab REVIEW 👈

Hey, I’m Tami 🙂 Let’s make a Dream Catcher Let’s begin! we’ll need: A circle (I’m using a bracelet) , hemp cord , Scissors colorful twine yarn needle and some beads. we’ll start by wrapping the circle with hemp cord make it very tight now we’ll do the dream catchers… Continue Reading Dreamcatcher – How to make a Dream Catcher

Hey guys welcome back to the channel! I have got some foot massage reflexology sandals to show you today. These are from BYRIVER and they come in various sizes and colors right now I have the large alright so you might notice that these sandals are not as fashionable as… Continue Reading Acupressure Therapy Sandals 🍀BYRIVER Foot Massage (Plantar Fasciitis Relief) Review ⭐

– What I love about macaroons is how delicate they are. (yelling) This is gourmet cooking. (yelling) Welcome to the Try Guys make macaroons. (yelling) (upbeat music) – Today we’re making fancy, gourmet, expensive cookies. The kinds of cookies you can make into trees, insert shot that helps justify that… Continue Reading The Try Guys Bake Gourmet Cookies (ft. Gabbie Hanna)

♪ It’s a wonder ♪ ♪ The spell I’m under ♪ ♪ Because of the chill in the air ♪ – You just made me fuck up! (yelling incoherently) – I didn’t do it. – We’re knitting. (upbeat music) – I have never knitted. It’s something you do while watching… Continue Reading The Try Guys Try Knitting