A pain coping technique that is extremely effective, and that everyone can do, is deep breathing. This is also called abdominal breathing, or yoga breathing, so if you do yoga, you already know what I’m talking about. If you don’t do yoga, it’s really easy to learn, and everyone can… Continue Reading Labor Pain Relief : Labor Pain Relief: Deep Breathing

So what are some natural ways to speed your labor along the really important thing to keep in your mind with labor is you need to be eating, moving and some times crying or making noise or laughing or any kind of release that’s going to allow your body to… Continue Reading How to Induce Labor Naturally | Pregnancy

An elective caesarean section is one thats planned in advance the decision to have a caesarean section is made between the patient and the obstetricians once we are given a list of ladies who are going to have elective caesarean sections we then invite them to come and see us… Continue Reading Anaesthetic procedure for elective caesarean section (C section)