Hello to my wonderful audience this is Dr. Nia and today’s topic is going to be about Acupuncture Needles and Cupping. I know so many people always asking oh, does it hurt? the needles, does it hurt? cupping — is it going to burn you? so today, I’m going to… Continue Reading Dr. Nia covering topic of Acupuncture Needles “Happy Needles” and Cupping Therapy.

hello everybody this is Adrian Melero once again from Miami Acupuncture Therapy and in today’s video we’re going go over a post-stroke protocol we’d like to thank our patient Edwin for volunteering in his case he had a stroke a year ago and he started acupuncture about two or three… Continue Reading Post Stroke Rehab with Acupuncture and Microcurrent

Hi my names Lucy and I’m a Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Instructor and we would like to show you some massage and yoga moves that you can use at home. So, we’re going to do a little bit of work on the tummy, we’ll take some lovely oil, and… Continue Reading Baby Massage For Constipation wind and gas

Hi. In this segment, we’re going to use some acupuncture with moxibustion in combination. So we’re going to actually go ahead and insert a couple of needles into the back, here. And the combination of the two will actually enhance the power of the acupuncture treatment itself. And we say… Continue Reading Moxibustion Benefits : Moxibustion with Acupuncture

Okay so now we’re going to speak about pressure points in self defense scenarios. Like first, I would like to clarify that there are a lot of pressure points Okay? The word pressure points suggests that you have to press it but not all of them you are going to… Continue Reading Self-Defense Pressure Points | Self-Defense

The main point we’re going to want to focus on is the colon reflex. With the colon reflex, it’s going to be starting with the ileocecal valve, which will be right down here. We’re going to travel up the ascending colon, transverse colon, cut across to the other foot. Course… Continue Reading How to Relieve Constipation | Reflexology

(upbeat music) – Hi, nice to finally meet you. Welcome to Optimal Health Chiropractic, follow me. So Optimal Health Chiropractic we’re what you call a research base, evidence base, chiropractic office. So what we’re going to do today, is we’re going to find out your conditions, by going through a… Continue Reading Willis Tower Chicago Chiropractor Video demonstrating adjustments, cold laser and decompression

Now that we’ve had the acupuncture needles in Johnnie here, working on his back pain, we want to add a little extra effort to it and do a little bit better job, so we’re going to use what’s called moxibustion. And there’s a number of different ways to utilize moxibustion.… Continue Reading Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Moxibustion

Hi, I’m Dr. Filardo, I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic who is also certified in Acupuncture. We have Anya, here, who in our last segment we talked about how to perform the acupuncture now we’re actually going to do it. We’re going to start, first, by alcoholing the appropriate areas that… Continue Reading The Basics of Acupuncture : How Needles Are Inserted in Acupuncture

Hi I’m Dr. Filardo, doctor of chiropractic and also certified in acupuncture and I’m here, on behalf of Expert Village. We have our wonderful patient Ania, here today. Ania, we’ve been treating for a few months and Ania has a history of allergies. This current segment, we’re going to talk… Continue Reading The Basics of Acupuncture : How to Perform Acupuncture