What’s going on guys? I’m going to show you how to do a low cable chest fly What you want to do is lower the cables all the way down both sides grab the handles What you’re going to do is you’re going to step forward and have a staggered… Continue Reading How To: Low Cable Chest Fly

Is your back bothering you? If yes, then we got a good medicine. But first of all, we should take a look on how lower back pain is caused. Besides a herniated disc which is another topic, a lot of problems occur with three issues. 1) Shortened and 2) weak… Continue Reading Fix Lower Back Pain | 3 Easy Tips

Hi my name is Dr. Andrea Furlan I am a physiatrist in Toronto Canada and today I’m going to demonstrate some exercises for the neck that I learned with my mentor Dr. Satiko Imamura a physiatrist in Brazil where I did my residency program and she taught me this more… Continue Reading Exercises for myofascial neck pain

(Another peaceful day at the gym) Extend your arm. (Nervous) – Miru. / – What is he doing? Oh, InBody. His body got nicer. I thought I got under 10%. (Now it’s Seongsu’s turn) It keeps going up. (His fat percentage is increasing rapidly) – Your inspection is complete. /… Continue Reading How much body fat do they have to lose? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.12.22]

She ate noodles and so much other food. She ate a lot at the temple stay as well. (There was more than that…) (She made a shrimp graveyard) (Did she take care of herself after all that food?) (I hope that he doesn’t yell at me…) You need to… Did… Continue Reading How high is Dongeun’s body fat rate? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.12.22]

Actual question. Alexander, how to deal with the asymmetry of the body? I have the right latissimus dorsi muscle more than the left. When I strain, the right one comes out more. What exercises do you recommend? This is one of the interesting questions for me. After my chest injury,… Continue Reading Асимметрия мышц тела \ Asymmetry of the muscles of the body