I’m going to talk a little bit about the needles, or probes, or filaments, they’ve got three different names you could call them, that are used in electrology. They are numbered like 002, 003, 004 and that has to do with the dynamiter, the diameter of the hair, the thickness… Continue Reading Electrolysis Hair Removal : Electrolysis Hair Removal: Electrology Needle

Joh-eun-achim, everyone I talked about this before in my previous video but I’m here to get a laser treatment today angel unni recommended banobagi so I just took off my coat and it’s time to remove the freckles and some moles that are on my face Alright, I’m here with… Continue Reading Laser Skincare Treatment in Korea: Acne Scars, Freckles, & Facial Hair Removal

-This is not a happy day True manliness is being frowned upon this day. – It’s nice being hairless I will say -I think it’s nice being hairy. It keeps me warm in the winter It stops me from getting sunburned – how about in the summer though, don’t you… Continue Reading Men Try Painful Chest Waxing

– I’m so scared. Oh my god. (squeals) (upbeat music) – Today I’m gonna be trying hard wax beans. – Hard wax beans, is a waxing method that’s supposed to be painless but I doubt that very much. – They are little beans, beads, that you melt and wax your… Continue Reading Women Try Pain-Free Waxing

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey guys, I’m Barkley. If you’ve ever wondered about permanent hair removal, there are some really safe and affordable options out there. And guess what. I did my homework so I can give you the lowdown. So your main options are electrolysis, laser and Intense Pulsed Light, which… Continue Reading Permanent Hair Removal At Home: Hair Removal Tips | Gillette Venus

Hi everyone, I’m Sydney and I have Hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is pretty much just someone that has excessive sweat in a given area of their body. So I sweat pretty much all the time but it gets way worse when I’m nervous and I’m super nervous to be on camera right… Continue Reading This Is How I Got Rid Of My Excessive Armpit Sweat | Refinery29