Hey guys welcome to another video from Rum Barber, today we are going to look at Keratin smoothing treatments. The particular brand we are using today is KeraStraight and we want to see if these treatments really benefit frizzy curly and unmanageable hair. This is our customer Ross, and he’s… Continue Reading Keratin Smoothing / Straightening Treatment On Men’s Hair | Review

hi everybody today I’m doing a review on something called a pro derma micro needle and what that is is I’m gonna explain it to you it’ll come in a box like this and I’m gonna put the link below this video in the description box so be sure to… Continue Reading 🙂Pro Micro Needle 💕Derma skin Roller 0.25mm Review💘

hello everybody today i am going to be doing a bath and body walks, body walks? Bath and Body works haul I flipping love Bath and Body works and i am so sad that they dont actually have it here in the UK and no matter how many times i’ve… Continue Reading Autumn Bath & Body Works Haul | Zoella

Novella: Hey guys. It’s Novella from Naturally Crowned. In this video, I’m going to show you how to do a hot oil treatment and detangle your toddler’s hair using avocado oil. Okay guys, you’re going to need a kettle, your chosen oil, I’ve chosen to use avocado oil, a container… Continue Reading HOT OIL TREATMENT AND DETANGLING FOR TODDLERS

Inside your ear, sounds set off a complex chain of events. They enter as pressure waves which push and pull your eardrum, making it vibrate. On the other side of the eardrum, these vibrations set a series of bones jiggling. They end with the smallest bone in your entire body,… Continue Reading How your ear works – Inside the Human Body: Building Your Brain – BBC One

The day starts normally enough. You give your pet some food and water. But later … … in your pet’s water dish, you find this. A hairworm. It didn’t get here on its own. It came out of a little cricket. Don’t believe me? OK. These hairworms are gnarly parasites.… Continue Reading These Hairworms Eat a Cricket Alive and Control Its Mind | Deep Look

We get asked a lot of questions here at SciShow. Sometime we get a question that has maybe never been asked before in the history of questions, and sometimes we get questions that are so universally wondered, that they get asked over and over again. So, we’ve compiled some of… Continue Reading SciShow: FAQ Compilation

– If it doesn’t numb the ash, throw it in the trash. (upbeat music) – Lotion is like water for me. – I am the product queen and so I come to bring my expertise. – I love My Scent at Victoria’s Secret. – If it doesn’t have Shea or… Continue Reading Women Review Popular Body Moisturizers

good morning Jake paulers what is going on people, hope you are having a great day. the day for me was awesome had a lot of ups and downs which I’m going to talk about. make sure you guys stay tuned make sure you’re smiling make sure you’re dabbing on… Continue Reading IF YOU SPIN IT, YOU WAX IT (EXTREME PAIN GAME)

Hello Guys, Today I will be showing you how to treat and deep condition your Virgin hair using microwave method You need a wide tooth comb or a paddle brush. Start by socking the hair in water and at the same time combing through the hair to take out any… Continue Reading How to Restore, Revive Old Damaged Virgin Hair using Microwave Treatment