Hello every one The video is rather long but for everyone’s benefit 00:22 history of punch needle 03:55 Needle Parts 06:33 Needle method One interesting thing about punch needle is its unique history Here’s the short version: Miniature punch needle embroidery has been around for a very long time Ancient… Continue Reading التطريز للمبتدئين .. ابرة النفاش punch needle

Fabric: Gabardine (China) polyester, fabric for sewing uniforms Thread – DMC (melange) or DMC, Anchor link to the template under this video this is chinese thread – twisted thread Friendship thread (melange) tapestry needle first petal woven picot stitch length – 2 cm width – 1 cm second petal second… Continue Reading Цветочная вышивка: как вышить Подсолнух

Hi.. Hello.. Vanakkam.. Welcome to Dhivya Arts and Crafts. With hand embroidery, how we can design a Kurti.. is what we are going to see today. Even, the one who doesn’t know Aari work.. they can design their own dress.. you must know that and for that purpose we are… Continue Reading Diwali special hand embroidery for kurti | normal needle stitch like aari work for beginners | #299

Hi.. Vanakkam and Welcome to Dhivya Arts and Crafts. Today, in hand embroidery; we are going to see about how to design a neck design.. In hand embroidery, full and full we are going to do in thread. So far we would have done in silk thread, then embroidery thread.… Continue Reading hand embroidery bullion knot stitch | normal needle stitch | embroidery designs on kurti | #238

Hi all, this is Dana, in this video I’m gonna be showing you about some various types of needles that you can use for cross stitching. So I know everybody thinks so a needle is a needle but that’s actually not the case at all. There’s quite a wide variety… Continue Reading Cross stitch needles: choosing the best needle for you

How many strands of embroidery floss should I use on my project? In craft embroidery today, it is quite common to embroider with all six strands in the needle at once. This creates that chunky, cute style of embroidery that’s very popular right now. If you want to refine your… Continue Reading Hand Embroidery for beginners | Needle and Threads | HandiWorks #103

please subscribe our channel click the bell icon and never miss the new video hi Vanakkam and welcome to the arts and crafts! Today we are going to see how to design kurti using hand embroidery It’s a different embroidery. name is french knot or Pearl Stitch. In tamil ,… Continue Reading hand embroidery french knot | normal needle stitch | embroidery designs on kurti | pearl work | #233

Hi, Welcome to Dhivya Arts and Crafts. Today we are going to see how we can design a stitched blouse. When we consider for stitched blouse.. it can be any old saree or silk saree without any Aari work done or without any embroidery sequence work done.. their matching blouses..… Continue Reading stitched blouse embroidery | normal needle stitching | same as aari work for beginners | #220