This video shows two techniques for planting hair. See lesson 1 for how to make a base Use merino wool First, poke in the center Take down from the root Do the other side in the same way Rugged finish Although it seems to be successful, Easily removed The reason… Continue Reading #06 植毛の仕方 How to plant hair

This is the base you made in Lesson 1. This time, I will introduce a technique to dent the shape. Take some of the thinnest needles Indent the center The base is compressed by having multiple needles When it is difficult to poke, reduce the number It became a concave… Continue Reading #05 羊毛フェルト 基本の土台の作り方 How to make the base for needle felting

Hey, I’m Tami 🙂 Let’s make a Dream Catcher Let’s begin! we’ll need: A circle (I’m using a bracelet) , hemp cord , Scissors colorful twine yarn needle and some beads. we’ll start by wrapping the circle with hemp cord make it very tight now we’ll do the dream catchers… Continue Reading Dreamcatcher – How to make a Dream Catcher

Hi there, I am Katy. And this time around I am going to be talking about reversing your work. We are going to be going over what it is and how it is done. So get your tatting supplies together and we will get started. Reversing your work can be… Continue Reading Tatting – Reverse Work (Rw.) in Needle Tatting by RustiKate

Hi! My name is Lena. In this tutorial I will show you how to needle felt a sheep. For this project you will need: • A needle felting mat • Some felting needles – I mostly use 36 triangle and 38 star • I also recommend using a handle that… Continue Reading Needle Felting Sheep Tutorial

Hi there, I am Katy and I will be showing you how to join picots. So go ahead and get your thread and your tatting needle and we will get started. Ok, now that you have your supplies together I am going to show you a few examples of what… Continue Reading Tatting – Joining (j) Picots (p) in Needle Tatting by RustiKate

Your pet will look dashing as an old timey royal sea captain. This video will cover what you need and how to assemble the hat and collar pieces. Let’s get started. For your supplies you need: 1 of each color of these felt squares: navy, gold, and white. Plus 1… Continue Reading Sew a Pet Costume – Royal Navy Captain

Hi there. I am Katy. And today I am going to be talking about how to add thread. So get your tatting supplies together and we will get started. So if you find yourself in a place where you need to tie off and add more thread, the best way… Continue Reading Needle Tatting – Adding Thread in Needle Tatting by RustiKate

Eleventh Apartment video today I’m in beautiful sunny Prince Edward Island Canada it’s just one of the best places in the whole wide world and I’m going to be living here all summer so I’m super excited about that and I’m also excited to share a new craft tutorial with… Continue Reading Needle Felted Owl: A Beginner’s Guide to Felting