{♫Intro♫} 30 years and two months ago—on September 8, 1989—researchers published three papers describing the gene responsible for cystic fibrosis. It was a huge breakthrough, and one they hoped would lead to a reliable treatment in no time. Well, it wasn’t “no time”, but the discovery has finally led to… Continue Reading New Cystic Fibrosis Treatment a “Game-Changer” | SciShow News

♩ No matter where you go, you have to carry around this meatsack of a body. So of course, over the years, humans have tried to figure out how our bodies work — and how things can go wrong, like with diseases. And yes, sometimes we’ve been completely off base.… Continue Reading 5 Things Humans Got Really Wrong About Our Bodies

We’ve all been there. You don’t feel well, and you think maybe you should see a doctor… but you don’t. Perhaps your local clinic is closed for the night, or you can’t get someone to drive you, or maybe you’re just in the American health care system. There are plenty… Continue Reading 6 Home Remedies Actually Supported by Science

Thanks for CuriosityStream for supporting this episode! Go to CuriosityStream.com/Psych to learn more. { ♪INTRO } Dealing with depression is not easy. And it doesn’t help that it is really difficult to find effective treatments for it. Your genetics, your environment, and various factors in your brain all seem to… Continue Reading The Future Of Depression Treatment

[INTRO ♪] Fibromyalgia is one of the most commonly misunderstood disorders out there— which is saying something, considering that there are a lot of misunderstood disorders. It’s characterized by widespread pain throughout the body, making it a literal pain in the everything. But it’s also difficult to figure out what… Continue Reading Real Pain and ‘Explosive’ Brains | Fibromyalgia

If you pulled out a thermometer and took your temperature right now, you’d probably get a reading of around 37 degrees Celsius. That number may vary a little from day to day, or even hour to hour, but overall your body temperature is pretty consistent. If you get too hot,… Continue Reading Why Is My Body Temperature 37 Degrees?

Maybe you’ve read it on some online list of “Amazing Facts About Your Body.” Or you might’ve heard Tim from the IT department drop it at an office party when he was trying to sound all smart. The claim? The human body replaces itself, at the cellular level, every seven… Continue Reading Do You Really Have a New Body Every 7 Years?

Everything is chemicals. Your brain, your skin, your blood, your organs, your entire body is chemicals. Some you might’ve heard of before, like the neurotransmitter dopamine, which helps you feel happiness and motivation, among other things. Others don’t get talked about as much, like α-ketoglutarate, which helps you make energy.… Continue Reading 10 Surprising Chemicals Your Body Makes

Here at SciShow, we don’t cover a lot of celebrity news, unless we’re talking about celebrity engineers and scientists. When we do, we’re usually here to explain something science-related that’s happened in a celebrity’s life. So today we’re going to talk about Robin Williams, whose autopsy has shown that he… Continue Reading The Science of Lewy Body Dementia

[♩INTRO] Throwing up is actually the worst, but at least your body has a good reason for it most of the time, like if you’ve eaten bad seafood or something. But nausea and vomiting are also common side effects of severe pain, whether it’s from a migraine or getting punched… Continue Reading Why Can Severe Pain Make You Vomit?