[♪ INTRO] It’s one of those basic ideas you hear scientists repeating all the time: correlation does not imply causation. Just because two things happened together doesn’t mean one caused the other. Well, back in the 1920s, they ignored their own advice. And the result was a major misconception that’s… Continue Reading Does Lactic Acid Really Cause Muscle Pain?

Cancer, it’s safe to say, really sucks. We’ve been at war with the disease for years, and every little breakthrough gets us closer to better ways to treat it. But just in the last couple of weeks, we’ve taken two major steps toward a future where every type of cancer… Continue Reading Two New Groundbreaking Cancer Treatments

♪ INTRO ♪ There you are, reading a book in bed after a long day. You finish the chapter and go to close the book and… Ow! Paper cut! Paper cuts are usually small and shallow, but they do tend to hurt a lot, for a few reasons. There’s the… Continue Reading Why Are Paper Cuts So Painful?

Thanks to Skillshare for supporting this episode of SciShow. [INTRO ♪] The human body can perform incredible physical feats—like, surfing an 18-meter wave, or jumping over 2 meters in the air. And while you might applaud muscles for such acts, you should probably credit fascia, too. Fascia is the vast… Continue Reading Fascia: The Body’s Remarkable, Functional Glue

Whether it’s after a long day hunched over your computer or a week of stressing out about a big test, you probably have had muscle knots before. These knots — otherwise known as myofascial trigger points — are pretty much what they sound like: painful spots in your muscles. They’re… Continue Reading What Are Muscle Knots?

Say you show up at your doctor’s office with some sniffles and a really sore throat. You’d probably expect them to prescribe you some medicine, or tell you to rest. But what if the doctor handed you some metal rods, hooked them up to a generator, and sent an electric… Continue Reading Victorian Pseudosciences: Shocking People Back to Health

When you look at a plant, your first thought is probably not, “That thing’s gonna kill me!” But in some cases … that thing’s gonna kill you. Sure, plants can be pretty or delicious. But they’ve also evolved with all kinds of compounds inside them — and sometimes, those compounds… Continue Reading 10 Plants That Could Kill You

[♪ INTRO] Everyone knows that bee stings don’t feel the best. And for the 1-7% of us with allergies to insect venom, they can be deadly. But a growing number of people are choosing to inject themselves with the toxic stuff, or even receive intentional stings, in the hopes of… Continue Reading The Problem with Bee Venom Therapy