Hi, Dr. McCarthy here with Migraine Treatment Success Secret number three. We’ve already touched on the topic of the connection between migraine headaches and thyroid, the issue is you’ve got to get your thyroid tested now. There is a large connection, I’ve been treating thousands of migraine patients over the… Continue Reading Migraine Success Secret # 3 “Get Your Thyroid Tested Now!”

Hello are you struggling with chronic fatigue, weight loss, moodiness, and hormone imbalances? Well you might have something going on with your thyroid gland or adrenal gland or both. Common symptoms of hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and Hashimoto’s are weight gain, chronic fatigue, and hormone imbalances. If this is something that you’ve… Continue Reading Natural Alternatives For Chronic Fatigue, Thyroid Disorders and Adrenal Burnout

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I was an entirely conventional physician before, you know, I had my own experience bumping up against the glass ceiling of what conventional medicine has to offer and you’ll find most renegade doctors have sort of jumped the fence because of our own personal health experiences you live what your… Continue Reading Holistic Psychiatrist Kelly Brogan, MD on the Diagnosis that Made Her Stop Prescribing Medication

I’m so happy to be here. I’m sitting with Dr. Kelly Brogan who is a holistic psychiatrist, formally of New York, now in Miami, Florida. And it is just such an honor. Since I started WellBe and well before that, I was interested in the idea of holistic and integrative… Continue Reading Holistic Psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD Prescribes No Medications to Her Patients

David:Hello, everyone. Welcome to Cellular Healing TV, Episode 67. This is David Asarnow, and I am here with the host with the most, Dr. Dan Pompa. Hey, Dr. Pompa. Dr. Pompa:Yeah. Is it really 67? I was thinking 57. I don’t know. David:Can you believe we’ve been doing this for… Continue Reading Hashimoto’s and Autoimmune Tips – CHTV 67