Cold and flu can be a really big trigger for headache migraine sufferers and particularly when we’re suffering weather like days like today where it’s pouring with rain it is prime weather to catch colds and flus so what can you do to help prevent catching the cold and the… Continue Reading Colds and flu 🤧 can be a big trigger for headache and migraine

Karen: My name is Karen Holmes and I’ve had migraines for over 40 years. They started when I was 12 and I had it occasionally, but then they came as a transformed migraine. I started getting a daily chronic headache and then they transformed in the transform migraine. I had… Continue Reading Karen; Occipital Nerve Stimulation Successful After 40 Years of Migraine

Headache warning signs – pain could be one of THESE dangerous conditionsHEADACHES affect hundreds of people every day – but sometimes pain in the head can indicate a more serious condition.“Common types of headaches often come paired with a cold or flu or they can be tension or stress related… Continue Reading Headache Medicines Are Harmful hindi/urdu

Help if you suffer from migraines. Local 10 medical specialist Kristi Krueger has news of this innovative new treatment that only takes a few minutes and can really help make that pain disappear.>>Jenny Watson: Frustrating, painful, really debilitating. It started probably when I was a teenager. Frequency can be once… Continue Reading Miami SPG Migraine Doctor (786) 500-5347- Headache Specialist Aventura Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block

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Implantable neurostimulator…well it’s just that. It’s an implantable unit that goes under the skin. In this case for the control of pain; particularly migraine headaches. People can maybe think of this as a somewhat analogous, or akin to a pacemaker for the heart where little battery is placed under the… Continue Reading Nature of a Peripheral Nerve Stimulator for Migraine Treatment; I

Today we’re going to talk about headaches and migraines. Do you suffer with these? And have you been wondering what is causing these headaches or migraines. Well today we’re going to talk about 6 reasons for headaches and migraines. And also discuss natural headache remedies along the way. If you… Continue Reading 6 Reasons for headache and migraines (PLUS natural headache remedies)

Hi, I’m Jared. I’ve been coming here for about 2 years or so. I came in for migraine headaches… bad neck going on all the time. Tried him (Dr. Rowe), loved the decompression table, it’s great! It makes me feel wonderful. He’s very good at adjusting. A lot of chiropractors… Continue Reading Migraine Headache Relief with St. Joseph, MI Spinal Decompression Center

One of the most common things we see in our practice is headaches and specifically migraines. And not all headaches are migraines, but all migraines are headaches. And to kind of specifically migraines themselves, the classic textbook description is a one-sided headache usually kind of toward the front area that… Continue Reading When to see a neurologist for headaches or migraines