so scoliosis what is it how does it affect your body and how exactly does it affect headaches and migraines that’s what we’re talking about today hi I’m Dr. Beth osteopath here at Melbourne Headache Solutions so scoliosis is a term throwing around a lot but what exactly is it… Continue Reading How does Scoliosis can contribute to Headache/Migraine?

– Have you ever wondered if chiropractic can truly help you? Well, don’t listen to what I’m telling you, listen to what everyone else is saying. Dr. Kris Arnold here from Live Well Chiropractic and Wellness Center, where our goal is to build happier, healthier, stronger families through a more… Continue Reading 4 Chiropractic Medicine New Paris PA

There’s no reason to live with chronic headaches. We have lots of treatment options besides the Botox injections. Some patients don’t like the idea of getting injections but we have medications that we can try, we have once monthly injections that are a new treatment that we use for migraine… Continue Reading SC News Botox for Headaches

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You are going to love this. First you need a firm ball – Tennis ball, Lacrosse ball, trigger point ball etc. Place the ball as shown into your upper traps bulk which is right between he top of your shoulder blade and your neck/spine Now lift your arm on the… Continue Reading Myofascial Release: Tight Neck and Shoulder Self Treatment

Typically the length of the procedure that uh I perform namely a Septoplasty, Balloon Sinuplasty… ranges anywhere between thirty minutes and an hour. Most people will do very well, it’s a day surgery procedure they go home that day uh they may have a day or two of recovery and… Continue Reading Migraine Treatment: Procedure and Recovery Timeline ­- Houston Smith Center

Over the years I’ve treated 1,200 or more of these chronic migraine sufferers and uh of those 88% have gotten relief. Specifically 40% are cured of their chronic migraine headaches and another 48% have fewer or less severe headaches. Contact the Smith Center today, to schedule your appointment.