Hi everybody out there, I’m Dr. Joe Nemeth I’m a periodontist in Southfield Michigan I want to talk a little bit about bleeding gums today. Bleeding gums are never normal. It’s never normal to have bleeding gums. You think well everybody’s gums bleed when they floss sometimes or when they… Continue Reading How to Treat Bleeding Gums at Home (2019)

Hi mark Kohler here CPA attorney Talking to you today about health care now Some of you may be thinking why am I talking to a tax guy a lawyer about health care? Well, it’s because in our law firm an accounting firm, we’re helping clients all over the country… Continue Reading 7 Ways to Save on Health Care Costs | Mark J Kohler | 2019

Welcome to health care at home Today we’ll talk about ” Oral Sub-Mucous Fibrosis” We’ll wind up this topic in two episodes. Before I begin this episode, I have a request to all of you. If any of your relative or friend Is consuming any such item like:- Gutkha, Paan,… Continue Reading HOME REMEDIES FOR ORAL SUB-MUCOUS FIBROSIS II मुँह के ऊतकों की सूजन और जलन के लिए घरेलू उपचार II