(perky electronic music) – Okay, so you only feel on the left side, right? – Yeah, as of pain-wise, it’s usually on the left-hand side. – Okay, and you said you feel it here to here? – Yeah, here, here, but this, usually here is more, it’s usually very intense,… Continue Reading CHRONIC Pain in Neck **ANNOYING** Helped With Famous Gonstead Technique

so we know that exercise can help to decrease the intensity and frequency of headaches and migraines come with all the some headache and migraine sufferers exercise does revert so it can actually set off an attack so why is this that’s what we’re going to be exploring today and… Continue Reading Proper exercise to decrease the intensity/frequency of headaches/migraine

As the anesthesia from your surgery wears off, you may feel pain around your abdominal area or stomach where your stitches are. This pain is usually mild and most patients feel better after taking Tylenol Extra Strength. If pain persists, let your nurse know that stronger pain medication may be… Continue Reading Managing Pain

– Well, hello and welcome to our health care discussion series. My name is Colin Craig and today I’m pleased to be joined by Christina Sanford. Christina’s a nurse from Nova Scotia who’s going to share some details about her health care experience. Christina, thanks for joining me today. –… Continue Reading Canadian nurse travels to Mexico for treatment

–I became the most sophisticated masturbatoron the planet.I did–I jerked off to Rubens, Seurat, Botticelli.I painted the Louvre daily in semen.[dark electronic music]♪[man roars] [both snarling][dark electronic music]♪[man grunting] [gunshots][dark electronic music][zombie growls] [gun cocks] [zombie growls] [gunshot]♪–Ladies and gentlemen, very, very funny man.He’s got his own podcast you got… Continue Reading Pete Johansson – Pain Management – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

Are you sitting down? Chances are, you’ve been sitting here watching videos on your computer for about an hour. While this feels natural most of the time, it can do a lot of harm to your back and neck. You can help relieve this stress by doing easy exercises at… Continue Reading Do This for 20 Seconds, And Say Goodbye to Back Pain

– [Presenter] Let’s talk about IUDs. IUD stands for intrauterine device. It basically means a device that is inside the uterus. The device is a small T-shaped, flexible plastic. They’re over 99% effective, making it one of the most effective forms of birth control. We’ll be looking at the two… Continue Reading Your Body On IUD Birth Control

Throughout the course of everyday life, we’re all going to incur some type of injury. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni. What I want to talk about is how to treat the minor fractured rib. Fractured rib can present itself in sharp pain, especially during the inspiration of breathing. If the… Continue Reading Home Remedies & Treatments : How to Treat a Rib Fracture

Imagine having a heart attack and a stroke and being told there was nothing more doctors could do. In my case, 10 years ago, I would be having to prepare for death. That was — would be the only viable option for me. Now imagine you’re a young man. You’re… Continue Reading Minds of Medicine: Solving Heart Valve Problems without Surgery – TAVR