One minute migraine tips: Number 2 – Research and the right doctor I had no clue that my really bad headaches that lasted for two or three days and made me feel really sick were migraines. Also, as I said in my first video, I just tried to ignore them.… Continue Reading 1 Minute Migraine tips – 2. Research & the right Doctor

Let’s talk needle positions, for example, with a straight stitch selected you will notice that instead of width here, you have a picture of a stitch that you can move side to side. You’ll notice if I go ahead and plus it, there’s lots of increments, there’s 29 needle positions,… Continue Reading Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby 11 Needle Positions

Swallowed poisons could include chemicals, drugs, plants, fungi and berries. There are five key signs to look for if someone has swallowed a poison. They may have nausea and vomiting, which can sometimes be blood-stained. Cramping abdominal pain. A burning sensation. They may show a decreased level of responsiveness or… Continue Reading How To Treat Poisoning, Signs & Symptoms – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

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This film will show you what to expect if you are having a cardioversion treatment. My name is David John Coleman. I’m aged 64 and I am from Birmingham. I’m here today to have electric cardioversion. At the moment I feel unwell in that I’m breathless, I’m tired, and I… Continue Reading British Heart Foundation – Your guide to cardioversion treatment