Hi I’m Dr. Ilana Smolkin for healthcareforpets.com I’m here to talk about herbal therapies and nutraceuticals for your pet. Herbal therapies and nutraceuticals are becoming more and more common in both human and veterinary medicine. Herbal therapies can be what we consider Western herbals and those are things that you… Continue Reading Holistic Vet | Treating Conditions In Cats and Dogs With Herbal Therapies and Nutraceuticals

Hi I’m Dr. Ilana Smolkin healthcareforpets.com. I’m here to talk to you a little bit about holistic care and what does not even mean. Holistic care is a word we hear a lot about these days. We see it on rappers, we see it on our food, on pets food,… Continue Reading Holistic Vet | Holistic Care Explained As a Treatment Plan for Cats and Dogs

In addition to canine acupuncture practice, I often do the performance horse, race horse. That’s probably about my 30% of my practice. Occasionally we’ll do acupuncture for the bird—the bird that has behavioral issues. Actually, we have 80% chance to stop feather picking for the bird. And occasionally I also… Continue Reading Horses, Elephants, Fish: Can You Treat These Animals With Acupuncture?