Hi I’m Dr. Ilana Smolkin here for healthcareforpets.com. Now I’m going to talk about integrated care for pain and arthritis in your pet. I’m going to talk about some of the alternative therapies, things like acupuncture and herbal that you can add into your therapy to see better responses. First… Continue Reading Holistic Vet | Alternative Therapy for Pain and Arthritis in Dogs and Cats

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There are many articles online about how rosemary might help with migraines. It was those articles that led me to try rosemary teas for my migraines as well. But keep in mind, even though I looked around quite a bit, I didn’t see any scientific studies confirming any benefits, at… Continue Reading Potential cure for migraine headache: Rosemary tea recipe

home remedies I’m going to show you five simple remedies that I use in my own home to help soothe ease our cold and flu symptoms when we get sick I am not a doctor so please see a doctor do you think you need one. Ginger honey tea is… Continue Reading DIY 5 NATURAL Cough, Cold and Flu remedies | HOME REMEDIES |ATTIC ANATOMY

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Hello Sir and Ma’am. Welcome to Planet Ayurveda. Ma’am first of all I would like to know your names. My name is Sarika. My name is Tarun Malhotra. I would like to know from where you have come? Sir we came from Yamunanagar. I want to know regarding your health… Continue Reading Endometriotic Cyst Ayurvedic Cure Without Surgery – Real Testimonial

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when the skin darkens or tans due to the effects of the ultraviolet radiation of the Sun it’s referred to as tanning in some regions tanning is often done intentionally by sunbathing or other artificial methods a little sun exposure is good since it facilitates the production of vitamin D… Continue Reading Skin Care – Removing Skin Tan – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

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