Those look pretty good. This Calendula Marigolds are just classic a great to know about. Calendula supports the health of the digestive tract, wonderful remedy to make as tea or soup. I just find that plants offer so much potential for healing. Herbalism is the use of healing plants to… Continue Reading PCC’s Professional Herbalism Program

Hi. One of the things we do in Chinese herbalism is a little bit different from what people are always familiar with with herbalism. A number of people are familiar with taking echinacea for colds, where we use a single herb for a particular Western disease. In Chinese medicine, though,… Continue Reading Herbal Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine : What Is Herbalism?

I want to talk about another interesting herb that’s commonly known to a lot of people and often times misused. And that’s Ren Chen or what we more commonly known as ginseng. There is actually two main types of ginseng. There’s Chinese ginseng, which this is, and also American ginseng.… Continue Reading Herbs in Chinese Medicine : Herbs in Chinese Medicine: Ginseng

You may have noticed in your school years that you would remember something just by writing it down. And that’s probably due to your learning style. I’m Isabelle Simon a wellness and work place wellness educator and today we are going to learn what is holistic learning. Holistic learning is… Continue Reading Herbal & Natural Remedies : What Is Holistic Learning?

The next herb we’re going to talk about is both a food and an herb. That’s Bitter Melon. So this odd looking vegetable is something that you’ll actually find in an Asian market. Don’t usually find this in your local grocery store, so you do have to shop around for… Continue Reading Herbs in Chinese Medicine : Herbs in Chinese Medicine: Bitter Melon

If you have dry mouth or dry membranes and you find that your eyes have problems tearing, you may be suffering from Sjogren’s Syndrome. I’m Isabelle Simon your personal and workplace wellness consultant. And today we’re going to learn some Chinese remedies to care for Sjogren’s Syndrome. There’s actually 12… Continue Reading Herbal & Natural Remedies : Chinese Remedies for Sjogren’s Syndrome

cancer people who dye their hair, even. Certainly, people who eat in specific ways are at increased risk of certain type of cancer: red meat across the board seems to be strongly associated with risk for many cancers. So my patients come and see me who have already done conventional… Continue Reading Naturopathic Medicine Helps Cancer Patients Recover – Dr. Simon Barker, ND Naturopathic Doctor

[0:00:00] Nick: Dr. Nick Delgado here. I’m with Dr. Ben Johnson. Dr. Johnson is a specialist in anti-aging. He works a lot with people with hormonal imbalances. Also, he’s done a lot of work in concierge work with cancer patients as well in helping them to work through a very… Continue Reading Amazing ways to reverse Cancer, complementary Treatments, and Supplements Ben Johnson MD

One of the questions we oftentimes get is, people want more energy. And so, what we talk about is the tonic herbs in Chinese medicine. So, it’s a little bit different from what people know and are commonly used to, because we talk about qi, or energy tonics; and we… Continue Reading Herbal Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine : Traditional Chinese Medicine: Tonic Herbs