This week’s Thursday tip is just to help you understand about the injection therapies that we talked about in our podcast episode this week on Heads Up and we talked about two types of injection, Botox and Greater Occipital Nerve Blocks. I just thought it’d be helpful to show you… Continue Reading Migraine Prevention: Injection Therapies

friends second part weaving rugs we continue our work with necklace I shared the templates I could find under the videos you can print them directly The size of the templates is the size you will work with I occasionally share links to my videos on social media to inform… Continue Reading Kilim dokuma kolye nasıl yapılır. Bölüm 2/6 (Weaving with needle necklace technique Part 2/6)

Could you please turn up the volume? Just a bit more. That’s it. Come on, people. Loosen up! Make some noise! The dance floor is open! We’re at a party, not the cemetery! Mom… What are you doing? It’s your birthday, son. We should celebrate! I know, but I don’t… Continue Reading Camila returns to life in Emma’s body | TKB (With Eng Subs)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I’m going to perform a dumbbell fly for you, but only because I want to dig it up out of the iron graveyard so I can re-bury it and throw one more pile of dirt on top of it. But I want to… Continue Reading Stop Doing Chest Flys – I’m Begging You!!

Friends, in accordance with the demands coming from you, we are starting to work today’s kilim woven necklace this work has a process that requires time and patience consider this I think the explanations I made during the study will help you therefore, I suggest watching the video from beginning… Continue Reading Kilim dokuma kolye -Full- (Weaving with needle necklace technique full version)

(upbeat music) – Can you actually show me where, ’cause I’m looking at your spine now, where are you feeling the pain on that? – Oh, right here. – Oh, it goes all the way up to there. – Yes. Right here, oh yeah, right here, and then right here.… Continue Reading Sciatica CHRONIC PAIN relief through Chiropractic Adjustment

What is your name? Ravinder Yadav From where you are? Rajasthan, Alwar What was your illness? What was your problem? I was suffering from ITP. When did it was diagnosed? January 2019 Where did you get the treatment before? At Jaipur SMS Hospital. I was admitted there for about 10… Continue Reading What is the most effective alternative treatment for ITP?

– Can you actually show me where you’re feeling the pain? – [Patient] So, I feel it in here. – Oh it’s a lot higher up in there, okay. – [Patient] Yeah, and then, I mean I do have lower back too and then it’s just really always in here.… Continue Reading NECK And RIB PAIN Helped by Gonstead Chiropractor

how you doing guys so we got a patient over here he’s been experiencing was a past nine years low back pain and neck pain right but what’s more recently in July you start to experience a lot of front chest pain over here especially right at the xyphoid process… Continue Reading Costochondritis, Rib pain, chest pain HELPED by Dr Suh Gonstead Chiropractic

(upbeat music) – Can you show me again the chest pain and the rib pain that you were having? – It’s right here. This whole part. – This whole thing? – Yeah. – Okay. – That’s actually pain this way. – Right over here? – Does it bother you when… Continue Reading HUGE, STABBING CHEST and RIB PAIN Helped By Gonstead Chiropractic