Mel? Wow!!! Are you? Yes. It’s me. You look… Great! So… Did it hurt? No, not at all! Even your voice sounds different! Have you tried dancing yet? No… Hey, Come on! Let’s try! This is too weird. Do you want some wine? No. I’m not supposed to drink while… Continue Reading In Her Body (Official Teaser)

…soooo, who wants to start? Yeah, I’ll go. He never picks me anymore. I guess my skills just aren’t enough… or something? Here: watch this. Hey! Hey! HELLO! See what I mean? Nothing! Nothing! Yeah! I get it. Over 300 Champions. Someone’s gonna get hurt. Raid: Shadow Legends.

-(Orange) Orange, orange, orange, orange, orange. What rhymes with orange? Hmm. -Hey hey, watch the hair, bud. It took me months to get it to look like this. -Whoa! What are you? -Oh, hey. I’m a pineapple. -What? You don’t look like an apple. -Well, I’m-I’m not, I’m a pineapple.… Continue Reading Annoying Orange – Pain-apple

Hey Lindsay last night was so fun. We should do that again Wait what? I don’t know. I’ve never seen before in my life. How does he know your name’s lucky guess thanks, man No really bad Brit. What’s your problem? I guess I took it too far. Yeah, you… Continue Reading Best Brent Rivera Instagram Videos – Funny Vines 2018 – Great Vines