Stephen Hawking is so famous, you’d recognize his voice anywhere. But he also famously has ALS, which normally gives patients a very short time to live. So who is Stephen Hawking, and how is it that he has lived so long with this disorder? Hello world, Trace with a non-synthesized… Continue Reading How Stephen Hawking Lived So Long With ALS

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Blake from Doctors Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic. We’re showing some dry needling technique for 17.1 recovery. So got a CrossFit athlete in with us and feel a little tightness push to your shoulder, filing 17.1. And had some tightness in his front of his shoulder and… Continue Reading 17.1 CrossFit Dry Needling Recovery Treatment

Very important in the kung fu is the development of the internal energy. Shi Xing Peng will demonstrate how he can move a car using a spear which is placed against his throat.

[MUSIC] I am now totally convinced that there’s a right place and a right time for different parts and pieces of medical treatment. Sierra, come. [MUSIC] In 2007, I was working underneath that deck putting down some pine straw to cover up mosquitoes in water and I, we found out… Continue Reading Acupuncture treats medical concerns