The only stuff in WoW is shadow priests, death knights and warlocks. this list will go over a little of both and tries [to] show the most fun and refreshing grinds that were in the game at one point or another At number 10 we have the BC hardcore raid… Continue Reading Top 10 Most Painful and Worst Grinds in WoW

Today’s video is on one of our favourite addictions, alcohol. Chances are if you know an addict, or are an addict yourself, you’ve seen some pretty crazy things done to get a fix. And while we rarely like to talk about our intoxicants publicly, there’s almost nowhere on this planet… Continue Reading The Undeniable Pain of Getting Drunk

The First World War, for all of its horrors, was a time of enormous technological progress. We talk in our regular episodes about the developments in flight, submarines, motorized vehicles, soy sausages, the zipper, and so forth, but perhaps nowhere did advances come as quickly and as often as in… Continue Reading Medical Treatment in World War 1 I THE GREAT WAR Special

The Numerous Bodies Recently Found in Ben Franklin’s Basement For eighteen years, Ben Franklin, the great American inventor, diplomat, and signer of the Declaration of Independence, was a tenant in a beautiful four story Georgian house at 36 Craven Street in London, mere blocks from the River Thames. As ambassador… Continue Reading The Numerous Bodies Recently Found in Ben Franklin’s Basement

When the smoke cleared and the fighting was over, World War I was the deadliest war in human history, with a staggering ten million military personnel and seven million civilians dead. Two decades later, World War II would top this figure, with between seventy and eighty five million people killed.… Continue Reading What Happened To The Millions of Bodies After Huge World War Battles?

Invention of Clothes Asa: Eeeek what’s that smell? Casa: It’s the smell of Neanderthals, our ancestors tanning leather. Asa: What for? Casa: They used animal skins to keep warm during winter. Asa: And summers? Casa: Well, they didn’t wear anything. Asa: How immodest. I’m a dinosaur. I’m allowed to be… Continue Reading Who invented clothes? Casa & Asa Discoveries and Inventions for Kids – Educational Videos by Mocomi

On May 6, 1950, two Danish brothers digging for peat in a local bog unearthed a murder victim. Based on the condition of the body, they figured the crime had happened recently, so they called the police. But there was nothing the authorities could do because the man’s murders —… Continue Reading Chemistry & Corpses: The Science of Bog Bodies

Hi SBAM fan & friends Today we’re talking about some VERY interesting weapons On this table, we have two of the very early breechloading rifles ever issued in history. The first one here, is my Dreyse rifle, the Prussian service needle gun; which has been widely featured in our vids;… Continue Reading Dreyse Needle Gun vs. Kammerlader

Hi guys, thanks for tuning in to another video book review on I’m Ian McCollum and the book that we are taking a look at today is the Dreyse Military needle ignition system by Guy and Leonard A-R-West brothers out of the UK This is the second in a… Continue Reading Book Review: The Dreyse Military Needle-Ignition System