So we are going to do 3ds for our chain, one picot, 3ds, one picot, 3ds. Make it into an arch shape and tie our knot and reverse our work. We are ready to do a ring again, so we are going to go ahead and do 3ds, and then… Continue Reading Needle Tatting – #3 Beautifully Basic Tatted Bracelet: part three by RustiKate

Do that ring again, just 3ds, picot, 3ds. We are going to tie that knot after we have closed our work, reverse our work. We are ready to do our chain again. I will do my special step. Ready to start that chain, so 3ds, join to the last picot… Continue Reading Needle Tatting – #2 Beautifully Basic Tatted Bracelet: part two by RustiKate

Your Stitchbox presents: What is a Neeleminder? Hello! I am Andrea from In this video I’ll show you: What is a needleminder… …where to get a needleminder… …and how to DIY a needleminder 😄 A needleminder is a great accessoire for your stitching projects. But beware: No one ever… Continue Reading Needle minder – DIY

Hi there, I am Katy. Today I am going to be showing you how to make a basic tatted bracelet. Now I have had a lot of people comment and tell me, that they would like to see a basic functional project, from beginning to end. So they can follow… Continue Reading Needle Tatting – #1 Beautifully Basic Tatted Bracelet: part one by RustiKate

The first method I am going to show you for adding beads to your tatting is going to look like this as an end result. You can see how the bead is kind of in the picot and it hangs freely. The first thing you want to do before you… Continue Reading Needle Tatting – #2 Adding Beads (b): method one by RustiKate

Hey everyone, here is how I make pintucks using a twin needle. For this example, I’m showing how I apply them to the front of a bodice dress. If the pintuck is going from one seam to another seam, then I like to cut an oversized piece of fabric as… Continue Reading How to sew pintucks using a twin needle | Super easy technique

Hi there, I am Katy and I will be showing you how to join picots. So go ahead and get your thread and your tatting needle and we will get started. Ok, now that you have your supplies together I am going to show you a few examples of what… Continue Reading Tatting – Joining (j) Picots (p) in Needle Tatting by RustiKate

Today I’m going to show you how to knit with double pointed needles. Double pointed needles usually come in a set of five or six, and they’re used to knit in the round. Now, you might be thinking, I thought circular needles are for knitting in the round? What’s this… Continue Reading Double Pointed Needles for Beginners

You know when you’re knitting a hat and you get to that part where you need to decrease? And as you’re decreasing, there comes a point where you need to switch over to double pointed needles. You know that moment?  So if you’re at that point and you’re wondering how… Continue Reading How to Switch to Double Pointed Needles