interuniversalism is a new window in understanding creation and existence and is becoming a worldwide idea and being taught across the world to over 5 million students master Taheri came up with into universalism ideology through enlightenment and research for three decades he is currently kept in Evin prison in… Continue Reading Erfan Halgheh (Interuniversalism) Faradarmani and Psymentology dokumentary

Hey Mamas! I am Liat and I’m Carolina from Momjo and we’re coming to you today from Dallas from the Video Marketing World Conference. And it’s bright and early and we need all the energy we can get! We were up bright and early this morning and we need lots… Continue Reading Holistic Health Talk with Plant-Based Mom Camber Simson | Mom Self Care Tips

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I honestly am, I’m like such a diehard Indian. I love everything. I think there’s just so much to be inspired by. My art is very Indian inspired. It’s just Indian been immersed into streetwear culture. Bakwaas basically means bullshit in Hindi or Punjabi. It’s just something where it’s like… Continue Reading Why I Tried This Healing Ayurveda Treatment | Skin Deep | Refinery29

hi there! I’m Yvonne Decelis and I’m just here to go over to Meridian tracings as promised I’m going to show you how to trace your spleen Meridian and the heart Meridian and as I showed once before I wanted to show this one more time this is from Donna… Continue Reading 60. Meridian trace your way to wellness with energy healing and NO NEEDLES!

Dr. Jayarajan Kodikannath Academy Director, Kerala Ayurveda Academy (USA) Learning Ayurveda directly from Ashtanga Hridayam Learn all the eight clinical branches of Ayurveda Chant the verses with the teacher .. and understand the deeper principles behind the sutra Join this program at Kerala Ayurveda Academy Next segment starts in September… Continue Reading Ashtanga Hridayam- The most comprehensive ancient text of Ayurveda

When I do ear candling, you start feeling a sound of sizzling. I call it a bacon sizzling. My name is Kiah Jones, and I’m getting ear candling done today. Since I was young, I’ve always had a throbbing in my left ear. When I told my mom about it,… Continue Reading I Got Years Of Ear Wax Removed Holistically | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

Around 30% of Hahimoto’s Thyroiditis disappears by itself spontaneously, and even more if people actually try to heal it naturally. The question is why does nobody talk about it? Why do doctors never say that to the patients? All they say is, “This is incurable. It’s for all your life.… Continue Reading How I’m Healing My Hashimoto’s Naturally