Hi my name is Carley Simandl. I moved to Mexico about a year ago from Canada, and I was desperately looking for a place where I could come and receive holistic services and to my pleasure I walked into the Holistic Bio Spa. It was exactly what I wanted and… Continue Reading How Carley Detoxes & Energizes Her Body With Holistic Treatments

Hey guys, so we recently attended the Paleo f(x) conference in Austin, Texas for the second year in a row and far from being at just a paleo conference it’s more of an ancestral health conference that brings together some of the top neurologists, cardiologists, MD’s, and researchers to talk… Continue Reading Top Health Tips From One of the World’s Premier Holistic Health Conferences

(dishes clattering) – So, basically, this where we produce all of our kombucha. We kind of separated it from the fermentation out there cause the microbes are a little different. They may argue with each other a little bit. But the fermentation process in kombucha is the combination of bacteria… Continue Reading Kombucha Brewer Takes Holistic Health Approach

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I’m here with Zoli, the owner of the Holistic Bio Spa. Zoli, can you please tell me a little bit about your business? Okay. Thank you for coming by Carly. I would say that we’ve been here in Puerto Vallarta for eighteen years and we are in this beautiful part… Continue Reading What We Do At Holistic Bio Spa: Alternative Medicine in Mexico

good morning my name is Alexander Kerensky we are at the academy of regenerative medicine in Poland in Townsville pujita and I would like to introduce you mr. ma che who stay in our Center for two weeks please tell me if you enjoyed your stay with us and what… Continue Reading A Holistic Approach to Health at the Academy of Regenerative Medicine in Poland.