– Hello my friends and welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji. And I brought my blue heeler to practice today ’cause we’re gonna help you find some natural healing for migraines. You’re gonna need a couple items today if you have them. If you don’t… Continue Reading Yoga For Migraines – Yoga With Adriene

Hi. I’m Donna Eden, founder of the Eden Method, and I’m coming to Sweden. I am so excited to meet all of you and teach you Eden Energy Medicine. I’ll be teaching in both Stockholm and Malmo. In the classes, you will learn different techniques and protocols to help you… Continue Reading Donna Eden Energy Medicine. What Is Energy Healing? Donna Says Hello!

hello and welcome to the Bowman college wellness program you’re receiving class 1 Eating for Health this is the first class in for which will give you the holistic nutrition basics I’m your presenter ivy hunter a registered nurse and certified nutrition consultant and I’m working on my board certification… Continue Reading Holistic nutrition basics to start eating for health

Hey guys, Its Allyson at CORE and I was just gonna talk to you about something that I see a lot so I thought I would put it out there so that you guys can learn from this if your not coming in here it happens a lot, people sit,… Continue Reading Headaches? Migraines? Learn to Balance your Head…

Discussions sur la Santé Holistique et l’Ayurveda – Nord d’Eubée, Grèce Septembre 2014 Qui vous rencontrez, à qui vous parlez, avec qui vous discutez. Avec qui vous passez du temps. Quel genre d’amis vous devriez avoir Vous ne pouvez pas choisir votre famille, mais malgré tout vous pouvez garder vos… Continue Reading Talks on Ayurveda | Vaidya Asvin Barot

Infertility based on Western medicine, just to look at it from an age standpoint, if you’re a female under 35 years old, you would be considered having infertility problems, if you have been actively trying for a year and have not conceived. If you’re over 35 years old, it would… Continue Reading Combining Acupuncture with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART & IVF) – A must watch video.

you recommended you either wear a sweater you move you could do both well yeah but you don’t need it be sure to him even if you do do either yeah it’s not like you just go home you know this period hoping that your environment whenever you travel wherever… Continue Reading How to Remedy Cold Hands and Feet

Welcome to Trailhead Health. In this video we asked Dr. Josh Eha a doctor in Oriental medicine and licensed acupuncturist, what his recommendation would be to someone who is thinking of working with an acupuncturist. Who is a good acupuncturist to work with? How do you pick your acupuncturist? After… Continue Reading How should one pick their Acupuncturist? What to consider? Dr. Josh Eha, DAOM, L.Ac., C.SMA

Hi there I’m Yvonne Decelis coming to you on YDCtv. Today is actually Saturday it is May 4th and it’s about 1:30 p.m. I wanted to do this video yesterday I just didn’t get a chance to make it so I’m sorry for the delay but I’m going to do… Continue Reading 64. More ways to full body energy heal with meridian tracing 🙌

Hello You’re very welcome here today. My name is Eileen Scullion from Homeopathy Healing. On today’s video I’d like to have a little chat about what’s involved in a homeopathy consultation. So the first consultation lasts about an hour and we take an in-depth look at what’s going on for… Continue Reading What’s Involved In A Homeopathy Consultation?