preventing disease is the cornerstone of any healthcare system regardless of whether you are a human dog or cat so what then is the difference between holistic vet care versus traditional vet care there seems to be a distinction made by alternative veterinary practitioners that they provide holistic vet care… Continue Reading Holistic Vet Care vs Traditional Vet Care: what’s the REAL difference?

Hello, Welcome to my website My goal is to support your animals’ healing as well as empower you to keep them healthy. I’m sure you have all heard the phrase an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Well in today’s environment with all the pollution and stress… Continue Reading Holistic Veterinary Medicine – Heal Your Animal Friend

Hi I’m Dr. Ilana Smolkin for I’m a traditionally trained veterinarian, but I’ve also gone and done further training and certification in some alternative modalities as well. We have clients calling up or coming in that sometimes they already know that they’re interested in some of these alternative modalities… Continue Reading Holistic Vet | An Introduction to Holistic Therapy and Alternative Medicine for Dogs and Cats

Hi I’m Dr. Ilana Smolkin for I’m going to talk a little bit about something called homotoxicology. This is similar to homeopathy although slightly different. So first homeopathy fee homeopathy is a growing field in both animal and human health. Homeopathy uses really small minute amounts of substances that… Continue Reading Holistic Vet | Homotoxicology Explained for Cats and Dogs and How It Is Related To Homeopathy