When people talk about detoxification, they normally think about a process that takes place in the intestinal tract. At least that’s what happens in the west. In the east however, especially in China, they think about detoxification differently. Based on theories rooted in acupuncture that teach that major nerve endings… Continue Reading Revive Tired Feet and Eliminate Toxins With This DIY Foot Detox Soak

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Cardiac arrhythmia is a condition where the rhythm of the heartbeat isn’t normal. When your heart rate accelerates, we call it tachycardia—the swift heart. When your heartbeat falls, we call this condition bradycardia—the slow heart. Tachycardia happens suddenly and its occurrence isn’t connected to any physical effort. It can be… Continue Reading How to Calm a Fast Heartbeat (Tachycardia)

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