I’m Gary Kracoff I work at Johnson Compunding and Wellness Center in Waltham, Massachusetts. People ask me what should I have in my house, um, for some of the common problems, and really, to start, five remedies: arnica, nux, pulsatilla, ignatia and apis. Arnica is probably the most popular remedy… Continue Reading Top Five Homeopathic Medicines For Every Medicine Cabinet by Gary Kracoff, NMD, R.Ph.

[Music] in this video we’ll be looking at homeopathy the notion that if you dilute pure horseshit a hundred times people will still buy it and they do the origins of homeopathy are perhaps understandable in the 18th century medicine relied on basic methods such as bloodletting and complex concoctions… Continue Reading Testing Homeopathy – Part 1: Plausibility

I’m joined today by Rebecca Watson she is founder of the skeptic blogging also cohost the skeptics guide to the universe podcast a fellow Massachusetts college graduate be you I went to grad school at Bentley University I think the UN Bentley arrivals and some sport but I just have… Continue Reading Is Homeopathy a Scam?

The Snooks – O homeopatii Všimli ste si, ako sme každý jedinečný? Je to úžasné, však? Homeopatia s týmto pohľadom súhlasí. Preto sa homeopatia zameriava na človeka a nie na ochorenie. Jednotlivé ochorenia ovplyvňujú každého z nás jedinečným spôsobom, pretože sa jeden od druhého líšime. Preto, pre rôznych ľudí vyberieme… Continue Reading The Snooks : About homeopathy