The Royal family have always used homeopathy and have made no secrets of the fact that they have used homeopathy. Archival footage: “long live the queen” I think that does make people think, crickey well it’s doing alright for them and also if it works for them it might work… Continue Reading Why the royal family have always used complementary medicines

It’s pretty funny for me because I guess most people thought that I went off the deep end when I started doing what I do. They wanted to know what happened to Ferran. Ferran used to be a conventional vet. Now he’s putting needles in dolls in the back of… Continue Reading Holistic Veterinarian | Your Story

Leo. Do you want to go up to the chair and keep me company while I film? Stay right where you are. Okay. Don’t move. Stay right where you are. Attaboy. Welcome everybody back to my channel where I take you on a journey to capture the vision of my… Continue Reading My First Holistic Doctor Visit | ADHD Story Time

200 years ago a strange new medicine was invented it was called homeopathy and despite all the advances of modern medicine homeopathy still survives today that is surprising because its central principle is diametrically opposed to that of established medical science. Homeopathy believes that the more a drug is diluted… Continue Reading BBC QED ~ Homoeopathy Medicine or Magic?

in this video we’ll address the debate between naturopath holistic kind of treatments versus Western medicine wait ok now from the beginning yeah and it’s really coming down out there can I take a sick day from being sick I just really need it hey guys what’s up Jeffrey Lin… Continue Reading Natural & Holistic Treatments VS. Western Medicine? The choice is easy | Ep.209

Tous ces gens sont hippies Ils disent : “Ommmmm” Des aiguilles d’acupuncture Dans leur boules d’energie SVP ne m’obligez pas à faire des positions de yoga Ces caddies sont si petits à Whole Foods Tous ces hippies Adorent leurs placebos Attends qu’ils se vaccinent Ils ne le feront pas SVP… Continue Reading Hippies | Twenty One Pilots “Heathens” Parody |

– You don’t look happy. – We have to talk. Uh, o – It’s about your health. Oh no. Is it really necessary? – Just take a look at something. Really? What now? – It’s on the web. Its great. Twenty-eight doctors and healers all speaking about homeopathic remedies for… Continue Reading Homeopathic Remedies and Holistic Definitions of Alternative Medicine

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