Today we are going to be talking about back pain. And the two types of back pain that you may actually have. Now the first one is called postural pain the second one is dysfunctional movement. Postural pain tends to be caused by sitting down at a desk too much,… Continue Reading Two Types of Back Pain (Postural Back Pain & Dysfunctional Movement)

okay hi lolly by yet Monica mono UK boy we sing songs about it because how far you go Marty and I thought I oh you told ol some of them so they’re like I’m done me a lot of it so um we got many big ow hey spiritual… Continue Reading FOURum「生酮感受」3 Sep 2019 《零極限 – Ho’oponopono荷波諾波諾、藥物不可治的病》

今天要給你們示範一下怎麼樣針灸 Today, I will demonstrate how to apply needle to 曲泉 “Qu Quan” 譚老師的曲泉穴 Dr. Tan’s “Qu Quan” point 我們叫譚肝 譚肝是曲泉 We call it “Tan Gan”, Tan Gan is “Qu Quan” 那現在呢 你們可以看一下 它的位置呢 是在這個地方 Now, you can see it’s position is located here 來 這個地方哦 整個這個地方都是 Come, this area… Continue Reading The Academy of Acupuncture Balance Method: How to needle Dr Tan’s Liver Point. 譚肝 Instant Results