If you’re female between the ages of forty-five to fifty five you’re probably moving through menopause. You know the signs – weight gain, moodiness, trouble focusing, less hair on your head and more on your face, hot flashes and night sweats.    Decrease in circulation of estrogen also puts you… Continue Reading Bryce Wylde on Natural Menopause Treatments for Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Hi, Welcome to our first and it may be our last edition of “Off the Cuff.” “Off the Cuff.” I have absolutely no notes and I just spontaneously bring in a world-renown expert to ask questions, and then this person, off-the-cuff, answers them, and then we edit as freely as… Continue Reading Testosterone After Prostate Cancer Treatment | PCRI

[ Music ]>>I would say to HIV you have no power here. This is my body. This is my life. And I’m in control, and if it’s you or me I guarantee you I will win. January 28, 2015 was when I got diagnosed. I moved to Atlanta a month… Continue Reading CDC’s HIV Treatment Works: Jamie’s Story

Many of your bodily functions, from metabolism to growth, are controlled by chemicals produced and distributed by your body’s endocrine system. These chemicals are called hormones. In total, there are about 50 different ones that travel through your bloodstream and affect your development. Today we’re going to talk about testosterone,… Continue Reading What Does Testosterone Really Do To Your Body?

Hey everybody! So unfortunately a lot of people suffer from headaches, migraines, tension headaches, whatever it may be. And unfortunately I don’t believe that the current way that the system is set up, which is basically just giving Ibuprofen other medications and neurology workup, that kind of stuff is doing… Continue Reading My Approach to Headaches & Migraines | DailyDocTalk 63

Hi everybody! Thanks for tuning in. So this week for my VLOG I’m going to tackle the topic which doesn’t get spoken about enough, but it is really important, and I’m doing it because I’ve received so many emails from you guys out there asking me to do it. Because… Continue Reading Vaginal Dryness and how to overcome it.

Dr. Tina Marcantel: Acupuncture, what we do is, we insert very tiny needles in different areas, acupuncture points. We can compare… We look at the meridians. And when we talk about the meridians, I give the analogy of the blood vessels in our body. We have blood flowing throughout our… Continue Reading Learn About The Benefits of Acupuncture With Dr. Tina Marcantel, NMD