As the anesthesia from your surgery wears off, you may feel pain around your abdominal area or stomach where your stitches are. This pain is usually mild and most patients feel better after taking Tylenol Extra Strength. If pain persists, let your nurse know that stronger pain medication may be… Continue Reading Managing Pain

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typically back pain will improve with conservative care within a month however the symptoms to be concerned about that often require surgical evaluation or when there is more than pain when neck or back pain becomes tingling numbness or weakness and the arms or legs difficulty with walking or function… Continue Reading How do I know when my back pain is serious? With Seth Hayes, MD – Ochsner Doctor’s Note

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Hi everyone this is Kevin BKT welcome to my channel it’s a beautiful day to save lives “Hey we gotcha” Hi Kevin, my name is Yasmin Kevin, can you teach me parts of the body? Thank you bye This is Yasmin from Contagem Brazil Thanks to sent you video Yasmin,… Continue Reading Kevin’s Anatomy – Body Part for Kids/ Partes do Corpo para criança (E1/E3)

So treatment options for lung NETs. Um, we break this into a couple of different categories. So one, in patients with early stage disease, so where something that has not spread to other organs, we’re talking about surgery. Surgery is always, always, always the best option for an early stage… Continue Reading Lung Neuroendocrine Tumors: Treatment with Robert Ramirez, OD

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The pain was just there all the time and you couldn’t get away from it. You couldn’t escape. My name is Dominick Pace and I was treated for a herniated disc about ten months ago at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital New Brunswick. Life was pretty difficult. Walking, sitting, any… Continue Reading Artificial disc replacement solves New Jersey man’s back pain

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