When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Or do you automatically think of ten different things you could change? Why is it that how beautiful we are is important? When we were young children, we didn’t care about beauty, fashion, makeup, or how skinny we… Continue Reading you are not your body.

Gentlemen, today we’re showing 10 Body Language tricks to instantly make you seem more confident. For most guys, confidence is the holy grail. Without it, nothing else matters. But what makes it hard, Is that it’s hard to feel confident, it’s that it’s hard to show confidence. Well don’t worry.… Continue Reading 10 Confident Body Language Tricks EVERY Guy Should Do TODAY (Proven Techniques)

Hey guys, Beardy and Kay here from Mantelligence, And today we’re going to show you 5 mind-blowing alpha male body language tricks that are certain to make your crush notice you. We’re talking really notice you – like mouth agape deep sigh in your general direction – notice you. Kay,… Continue Reading 5 ALPHA Male Body Language Tricks (MOST Guys Don’t Know These)