For everyone out there who wants to start working out but doesn’t exactly know where to start or what to do this fitness series is especially dedicated to you. I hope this motivates you to release your inner workout warrior. Lots of love, Faarah! An easy beginners pushup is known… Continue Reading The EASIEST guide to TONE every part of YOUR BODY!

Hey my loves wel’come back to my channel I’m Jane and if you’re new please subscribe to join the family I’m turn on the notification bell so you don’t miss all my workouts. So today we’re doing a low impact fat burning workout and don’t get it twisted it’s going… Continue Reading CALORIE BURNING CARDIO WORKOUT| Full body Low Impact Fat Burning|Beginner friendly~Janekate Fitness

Fasting is the new fad, and if you check numerous forums where people talk about their fasting experience you’ll find it has helped a lot of people lose weight. You’ll see people talking about how they tried all kinds of diets: low-carb, the keto diet, low fat, reduced sugar, all… Continue Reading What Happens To Your Body When You Don’t Eat (Fast)

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Brainy Dose Presents: How To Break Sugar Addiction: Simple Steps To Stop Eating Sugar More than anything else, nutritionists point to excessive sugar consumption as the reason why most people are unable to maintain a healthy diet. Eating sugar excessively is caused by a need for a “reward”.That’s because sugar… Continue Reading How To Break Sugar Addiction – Simple Steps To Stop Eating Sugar

After reading “The Sleep Revolution,” which is all about the importance of a good night’s sleep… I found it really hard to… fall asleep. Before that I didn’t have much difficulty with it, but after being bombarded with endless statistics and research results illustrating the detriments of inadequate sleep, I… Continue Reading WHY Sleep is critical for the Body and Brain | Science of Sleep

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