This video is sponsored by Pins + Needles Kits. Hi everyone! I’m Whitney and I post a new sewing tutorial here on my youTube channel every Wednesday. Today I have a fun video showing off the Pins and Needles box. It is a subscription service where you get every single… Continue Reading Tips for Using Sewing Kits and Patterns | PINS + NEEDLES KIT GIVEAWAY {CLOSED} | Whitney Sews

What happens when you combine velvet and knit together? You get stretch velvet. Not only does that mean you get comfort and elegance in one fabric, but also some of the trickiness that go with each type of fabric. When using stretch velvet, pick patterns made for knits. Loose, drapey… Continue Reading How to Sew With Stretch Velvet

Let’s talk needle positions, for example, with a straight stitch selected you will notice that instead of width here, you have a picture of a stitch that you can move side to side. You’ll notice if I go ahead and plus it, there’s lots of increments, there’s 29 needle positions,… Continue Reading Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby 11 Needle Positions

Automatically translated by machine. Hey Besties! For today’s craft tutorial we’re going to do some needle felting! I’m actually really sick today, I have a cold or a flue or something really gross but I didn’t want to ruin my schedule of uploading things so today we’re going to do… Continue Reading How To Make A Needle Felted Pom Pom String – Craft Tutorial – Violet LeBeaux

Hi, Guys and Welcome to Studio Knit. Today, as part of my Summer Knit Series, we are going to save abandoned baby birds by knitting Bird Nests for Charity! Last week, an article on the cover of my local San Francisco newspaper caught my attention: Knitters Answer WildCare’s call for… Continue Reading How to Knit a Birds Nest for Rescued Wildlife Animals

This film will show you what to expect if you are having a cardioversion treatment. My name is David John Coleman. I’m aged 64 and I am from Birmingham. I’m here today to have electric cardioversion. At the moment I feel unwell in that I’m breathless, I’m tired, and I… Continue Reading British Heart Foundation – Your guide to cardioversion treatment

[music] Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] and welcome to DermTV. For the past three or four years dermatologists and neurologists have been successfully treating migraine headaches with Botox in selected patients and this past week the FDA finally approved the use of Botox for migraine patients. That is really… Continue Reading DermTV – Botox Approved for Treating Migraines [ Epi #253]

The needle threader on this machine is ingenuous. You might like to lower down the presser foot prior to using the needle threader. I’m going to first show you what it … how it works without the thread in it. You are going to take your left index finger, pull… Continue Reading Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 960 06 Needle Threader