This episode is brought to you by the new podcast, “The Thread” with OZY. In July 1995, it became unusually hot in Chicago. The temperature hit 106 degrees, and the heat index which is like wind chill – how it feels to people, was 126 degrees. As mayor Richard Daley… Continue Reading WHY Low Salt Stresses the Body (Sodium, Hormones & Potassium)

Brianna: When you look at it, it is scary, but I don’t care. I flash it, I look at them and Okay, would you like to know more about it because I’m not contagious. It’s tumours. I wanted to break the stereotype of pageantry. So I have to put aquaphor… Continue Reading Pageant Queen Has Tumours On Half Her Body | BORN DIFFERENT

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My name’s Jeremy Heit. I’m currently one of the fellows in neuro-interventional radiology, and I’ll describe what that is in just a minute. And I’ll be staying on at Stanford as staff next year, so I’ll be around for hopefully quite a long time. So a little bit of background… Continue Reading Latest Advances in Stroke Treatment

welcome to another MedCram lecture we could talk about hypertension and specifically we’re going to talk about the definition why talking about hypertension is important and then the treatments and I really want to dedicate this first video to the treatments simple treatments of hypertension and how you choose medications… Continue Reading Hypertension Explained Clearly – Causes, Diagnosis, Medications, Treatment

Cramming for a test? Trying to get more done than you have time to do? Stress is a feeling we all experience when we are challenged or overwhelmed. But more than just an emotion, stress is a hardwired physical response that travels throughout your entire body. In the short term,… Continue Reading How stress affects your body – Sharon Horesh Bergquist

>>Katie Humphries: I’m Katie Humphries, I’m a family medicine practitioner here at Oak Grove Family Medicine. I’m really lucky to have two great partners here. We have Dr. Scott Ramshur, who’s been here the longest of the three of us, and Dr. Ramshur does full-range family medicine. He sees children… Continue Reading DeKalb Medical Physicians Group: Oak Grove Family Medicine