Hi this is Dr. Andrea Furlan here and today we’re going to talk about myofascial pain. Well myofascial pain is very very common what happens is: Is muscle pain. And muscles we have everywhere in the body. We have morel muscles than we have bones. And normal muscle doesn’t hurt.… Continue Reading Myofascial Pain Syndrome by Dr. Andrea Furlan MD PhD

– [Narrator] Hypothermia. It’s something you see all too often in movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio. But what is it, exactly? And how does it really happen? Our body is always trying to maintain a balmy temperature of around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or 37 degrees Celsius. Hypothermia occurs when our body… Continue Reading What Hypothermia Does To Your Body And Brain

Begin by choosing a wool wick Unbleached or in any color you prefer This part will be cover by the final color Tie a knot on the wool wick that’ll be The base for the ice cream ball And start felting with the needle Until the shape is set Wrap… Continue Reading Tutorial de Feltragem – Sorvetinhos – Needle Felting – Ice Cream

We’ve all been there, one moment you’re lying in bed comfortably wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets, blissfully warm and peaceful. Then the next your alarm is going off and before you know it you’re trudging through another cold winter morning to go work eight hours at a job… Continue Reading How To Train Your Body To Survive Extreme Cold and Heat – Science Experiment

– I’d be an ass (censor beep) chauvinist if I say men have more pain tolerance than women and then I’m just saying what everyone wants to hear if I say women have more pain tolerance than men, so we’ll just find out I guess won’t we. (upbeat music) –… Continue Reading Which Sex Has Better Pain Tolerance?

– Ice, you hear me talking about ice all the time, 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. But, I have a really awesome tip for you using ice that you probably would not have thought about. So once again, for my folks that are dealing with headaches and especially migraines,… Continue Reading Chiropractor Migraine Headache Relief Tip with Ice

After joint replacement you will need pain medication to help with the pain from surgery. As a physiotherapist I see how important pain management is to how well you will recover. Patients who told us they struggled with pain management after surgery said they didn’t know how to get the… Continue Reading Managing pain after hip or knee replacement

Hi everyone. I am Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. So I dunked my face in the ice water last week but I came across an alternative which is less shocking to your face. Someone commented she would just rub ice over her face instead of dunking the face… Continue Reading Beauty Ice Pop Facial – Massage Monday #460