Utensils like a rice cooker coffee filters and things of that nature In India, and they should be growing strains you know that are heavy indicas the heavy sedative Sleepy indica strains. That’s what you need, you know for healing but unfortunately in many of these countries they’re still growing… Continue Reading How to Make Cannabis Oil (RSO) at Home with Rick Simpson!

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There have been a lot of studies, I mean thousands of studies about the impact of alcohol on the brain. And I’ve kind of boiled them down to a simple list, and. This is your brain on alcohol. It is slower, you’re clumsier, you’re dumber, you’re irresponsible, you’re unpredictable, you’re… Continue Reading How Alcohol Affects Your Body’s Functioning

COMM: Shadot Hossain has an incredibly rare medical condition causing tumours to grow all over his body. The condition started when he was just 13. Local doctors initially tried to get him treatment for the disorder, but nothing helped, and as he grew older, the symptoms got progressively worse. COMM:… Continue Reading Dad’s Entire Body Is Covered In Tumours

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