The onset of cancer usually begins as a solitary tumor in a specific area of the body. If the tumor is not removed, cancer has the ability to spread to nearby organs, as well as places far away from the origin, such as the brain. So how does cancer move… Continue Reading How does cancer spread through the body? – Ivan Seah Yu Jun

So treatment options for lung NETs. Um, we break this into a couple of different categories. So one, in patients with early stage disease, so where something that has not spread to other organs, we’re talking about surgery. Surgery is always, always, always the best option for an early stage… Continue Reading Lung Neuroendocrine Tumors: Treatment with Robert Ramirez, OD

Immunotherapy has given me hope. There are so many other people out there this can help. Other patients that had come before me inspired me so that’s my hope to let my experience help the next person. My name’s K.C. Dill — I live in Conroe, Texas. I’m a wife,… Continue Reading Finding Another Treatment Option for Stage 4 Lung Cancer: K.C.’s Immunotherapy Story

in this video we’ll address the debate between naturopath holistic kind of treatments versus Western medicine wait ok now from the beginning yeah and it’s really coming down out there can I take a sick day from being sick I just really need it hey guys what’s up Jeffrey Lin… Continue Reading Natural & Holistic Treatments VS. Western Medicine? The choice is easy | Ep.209

Arthur Brodsky: Hello and welcome to the Cancer Research Institute Cancer Immunotherapy and You patient webinar series. Today is Friday, March 8th. And the title of today’s webinar is Personalized Cancer Treatment. Before we begin, I’d like to thank our generous sponsors who have made this webinar series possible, Bristol-Myers… Continue Reading Personalized Cancer Treatment with Immunotherapy

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Glaucoma is an eye disorder that I was diagnosed with about a year and a half ago where I started the pressures in my eyes were built up so much that I lost the optic nerve in my left eye. They said once the nerve is gone then the nerve… Continue Reading Kevin & Janice, Glaucoma | Stem Cell Treatment Testimonial

>>Okay, hey, good afternoon, and welcome to the National Cancer Institute’s latest Facebook Live event. Today, we’ll be talking about the rapidly-evolving field of immunotherapy, and about its expanding role in childhood cancer treatment. My name is Carlos Sandy [assumed spelling], and I serve as a volunteer with the St.… Continue Reading The Role of Immunotherapy in Childhood Cancer Treatment

The bacteria that live inside you shape who you are on a pretty fundamental level–from your psychology to your body type. But new research also indicates that the billions and even trillions of tiny creatures in your body play a major role in the way you react to medical treatments…making… Continue Reading Scientists Are Using Your Body’s Bacteria To Battle Cancer, Is It Working?