Oh hey look. It’s one of the most dangerous places in the world. The infamous Line of Control, a heavily guarded 450-mile long border between Pakistan and India that slices a region known as Kashmir in two. There is constant tension here…like…at any moment, war could break out…between countries that… Continue Reading Why Do India and Pakistan Hate Each Other? | State Rivalries

Before some days… Husband: Mom, Why there’s no clothes to change! What is she doing other than washing the clothes? All my clothes are dirty, How can I wear the same clothes again and again? Here’s the lunch, please eat on time Mom, I am leaving ask her to cook… Continue Reading Pennin vali (Woman’s Pain) – A Tamil Short film (English subtitles)

Hello! Welcome to our channel, KIDNEY TREATMENT IN AYURVEDA Before we proceed, please subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get all the latest updates Welcome to everyone! I am Vishakha with you guys on the channel of Karma Ayurveda, where you can get all the information… Continue Reading Ayurvedic treatment for Kidney failure | Kidney Treatment in India | Say good Bye To Dialysis

We have solved the most difficult cases while working for CID. But in this case, things are getting complex instead of getting simplified. Daya, that is happening because truth only has one facet. Only one facet. In this case, truth has three facets. Three facets.. Yes, sir. We need to… Continue Reading CID – सी आई डी – Ep 1454 – A Dead Body In The Woods – 20th August, 2017

Hi my name is Archit and I am from India and this is My Story I was born on 20th July 1997 and I knew it was God’s plan Being a single child, I was very pampered. everyone took care of me I was very lazy didn’t do things on… Continue Reading Natural Body Transformation | Indian Bodybuilding | GYM MOTIVATION | AESTHETICALLY

(laughing) – Laughter is like a spiritual practice for me. I laugh everywhere I go. What I believe, the world can be a better place if more and more people start laughing. (laughing) (chanting) My name is Madan Kataria. I’m a medical doctor and creator of Laughter Yoga. (laughing) It’s… Continue Reading Laugh the Pain Away (Srsly)

Hello guys. My name is Chintan Shah and in this vid I am going to share with you all my experience of migraine and how I got relief from it. During migraine I had a throbbing pain in the right side of my head and the right eye along with… Continue Reading Migraine – Treatment & Experience | Homeopathcures.com

Allopathy or conventional medicine and homeopathy are the two ways how patients can be treated They are two different systems of medicines. I call them twin sisters! Homeopathy and allopathy are not inimical or enemies or contrary to each other In fact they should work hand in hand for the… Continue Reading Can Homeopathy & Allopathy work together?