🎵She’s got some nice long hair and you know that she’s a bad chick,🎵 🎵All the boys stare, can’t help it it’s a habit,🎵 🎵Clothes that she wear, short skirt and a jacket,🎵 🎵I just wanna get her all alone on a mattress,🎵 🎵I just wanna have it, I just… Continue Reading NEFFEX – Rumors ๐Ÿ’‹ [Copyright Free]

I kept your pictures on my phone/ So when I felt my most alone/ I thought I’d die, but at least I’d/ die with you And later when you never called/ My highest high, it was all I could/ It was all I could to stand and think of me/… Continue Reading The Purge – A Pain That I’m Used To (Official Video)

♪ (In my body, in my body) ♪ ♪ (In my body, in my body) ♪ ♪ In my body I have a master ♪ ♪ (In my body, in my body) ♪ ♪ I bow down (In my body) ♪ ♪ When she comes around ♪ ♪ (In my… Continue Reading SYML – In My Body [Full Album Stream]

Ahhh, Ahhh Hi everyone, Longthony Waittano here, the internet’s busiest music nerd. And it’s time for a review of the new Tyler, the Creator Album, IGOR. This is the sixth full-length album from one of the most polarizing and uncompromising rappers and producers of this generation, Tyler, the Creator. It… Continue Reading Tyler, the Creator – IGOR ALBUM REVIEW

It must be really strange for you. Did you completely forget you were meeting early? It really is a miracle. How… How can it be a miracle to save someone evil? Someone evil? Yes. But you’re not evil. Yes, I am. I think I know that better than you No.… Continue Reading Needle Boy – Trailer