Dairy is full of both casein and whey. Those are the two main proteins in dairy, and a lot of adults don’t tolerate either casein or either whey. Casein is a more common problem in terms of the protein profile, and cow dairy has higher casein amounts than like, goat… Continue Reading Dairy Can Cause Sinus Problems, Joint Pain, Fatigue & Migraines Says Dr. Angela Agrios, ND

Alright, next let’s work on Thread the Needle for this it’s helpful to have your fabrics split as you’re climbing. and height does not matter. You’re going to come to the middle and go into your inverted splits what I’m going to do is my back leg I’m going to… Continue Reading Thread the Needle

bjbj Try not to let your body slouch, try to keep it up erect and with each breathe you take, feel your lungs expand outwards, shut your eyes, and travel up the ladder of life, up each of the chakras, breathing in the breathe of life, breathe out peace. I… Continue Reading 92 year-old Yoga Master

How does acupuncture work? Mechanisms of acupuncture can be simplified as neuroreflexes. Ancient Chinese saw it as their way to distribute on the whole body surface connecting different parts of the body, interior and exterior, the left and the right, the upper and the lower, the front and the back.… Continue Reading Acupuncture Techniques in Traditional Chinese Medicine : How Does Acupuncture Work?

When electricity is connected to the inserted acupuncture needles, this type of acupuncture is called electro acupuncture. The application of electro acupuncture may be considered as one of the most significant advancement of acupuncture techniques today. To ease off control continue operation without the need for manual labor. Electro acupuncture… Continue Reading Acupuncture Techniques in Traditional Chinese Medicine : Electro-Acupuncture in Traditional Chinese

Hi everyone. I am Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. This week I’m going to show you some acupressure points for conceiving. Acupressure points don’t work like magic buttons to make you conceive but they will help prepare your body to conceive. These points will help balance hormones and… Continue Reading Acupressure Points for Conceiving – Massage Monday #407