Hi, I’m Jeanette White on behalf of Expert Village and Piper’s Quilts and Comforts in Sugarhouse, and today we’re doing circular knitting on double-pointed needles. To begin with, I casted on forty stitches, and then we’re going to take the–and I put them all on one needle–then we’re going to… Continue Reading Continental Knitting Stitches : Circular Knitting on Double Pointed Needles

You know the Shaolin monks? The guys that kick each other’s in the balls as a sign of self-control? Well, my monks’ friends have another test to prove their ultimate mastery: make a hole in a pane of glass by throwing a sewing needle through it. Since this skill looks… Continue Reading Throwing A Needle Through Glass Like A Shaolin Monk Martial Art Master? #challenge #test

Hi, I’m Christine Pichini from Expert Village, and today I’m going to teach you some basic knitting techniques. Before we start, we need to learn how to hold the knitting needles correctly. So, we’re going to start first without any yarn or any knitting, just so we can show you… Continue Reading Basic Knitting Tips & Techniques : How to Hold Knitting Needles

So there are 40,000 steps in a marathon and every time you make a step you take the full force of your body weight plus all of the acceleration that is put into that, so it’s a really highly impactful event. The impact for your joints is quite significant on… Continue Reading What happens to the body during a Marathon

Every once in a while you’re going to run into some instructions or an instructor who will tell you to use a two needle start to peyote. It’s a fairly unusual way to start peyote because it is kind of awkward, you’re obviously using two hands and two needles, but… Continue Reading Stitches: Two-Needle Start for Peyote

The Panel Tote How To | Pins + Needles Kits *This video is sponsored by Pins + Needles Kits.* Hi everyone, I’m Whitney and every Wednesday I post a new sewing tutorial to help sewers of all skill levels learn new sewing projects and techniques. This week I’ve partnered up… Continue Reading The Panel Tote How to | Pins + Needles Kits | Whitney Sews

Hi, I’m Michelle and I am here today on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to learn how to knit a scarf for beginners and while we are doing that we’ll also go over some basic tips that you need to know to get started in knitting. Now that you… Continue Reading How to Knit a Scarf : How to Choose Knitting Needles

Another critical component that you need when you’re doing bead weaving is obviously a needle to use with your thread and there’s actually a surprising number of options that you have for beading needles now I do suggest that you use an actual beading needle there are all sorts of… Continue Reading Tools & Materials Overview: Needles

In this video I’m going to show you how to fold a snowflake designed by Jared Needle. This model I folded from normal kami paper. I started with a square that has a side length of 24 cm (9.5 in). Then the model is about 2cm high (3/4 in) and… Continue Reading Christmas Origami Instructions: Snowflake (Jared Needle)

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