Hi, I’m Emma and I’m going to show you how to inject insulin simply and safely Your insulin type and dosage is something you’ll agree with your healthcare team and here’s what you’ll need First thing you’ll need an insulin pen. This could be disposable or reusable. A disposable pen… Continue Reading How to inject insulin as an adult | Diabetes UK

– [Travis] I am incredibly troubled by this story, mainly because I am not a big believer in at-home, it’s like you’re in the lab mixing and matching and adding water. – [Andrew] No and you could- to your insulin and that to me is where the school has an… Continue Reading School Won’t Let Diabetic Child Inject Insulin?

almost everyone who uses insulin will have a low blood sugar reaction sometime low blood sugar or hypoglycemia happens quickly and to be treated right away in general a blood sugar level below 70 is considered low ask your diabetes team what a low blood sugar level is for you… Continue Reading Treating Low Blood Sugar

Hunger claws at your grumbling belly. It tugs at your intestines, which begin to writhe, aching to be fed. Being hungry generates a powerful, often unpleasant physical sensation that’s almost impossible to ignore. After you’ve reacted by gorging on your morning pancakes, you start to experience an opposing force, fullness,… Continue Reading How does your body know you’re full? – Hilary Coller

Diabetes is a disease of epidemic proportion. Affecting the lives of an estimates 6% of the world’s population. Diabetes affects the body’s ability to either produce or adequately use Insulin. To control the condition Type 1 diabetics and up to 27% of Type 2 diabetics will need to inject themselves… Continue Reading Taking the needle out of diabetes: Research at Curtin

Hello. I’m Professor Ian Hunter, and I run the Bioinstrumentation Lab here in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. I’m joined by my colleague, Dr. Cathy Hogan, and together, including the help from a number of very, very talented students and post-docs and others in the lab, we’ve created a very interesting… Continue Reading Jet-injected drugs may mean the end of needles

(gentle music) – Hello, everyone and welcome to BioHackers Lab. I’m your host, Gary Kirwan and on today’s episode I have Angela Stanton. Angela has a PhD in Neuroeconomics, which is a research field that looks at how hormonal variations of the brain affect the decisions people make. She now… Continue Reading Natural Migraine Relief (Stanton Migraine Protocol Review) • Dr Angela Stanton PhD

Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which your blood sugar level is too high. After you eat foods that contain carbohydrates, chemicals in your small intestine break them down into single sugar molecules called glucose. Next, the cells lining your small intestine absorb the glucose, which passes into the… Continue Reading Type 2 Diabetes | Nucleus Health

our body require sugar to give us energy for functioning however the concentration of sugar and blood increases it leads to diabetes if the sugar level in blood Rises because the body cannot produce insulin it is known as diabetes-1 and if the body develops the resistance towards insulin it… Continue Reading Diabetes – Ayurvedic Home Remedies for High Blood Sugar Levels – Natural Diabetes Cure