Hey guys, what’s going on, my name is CJ Estes and this is my testimonial video I’m making for The Get Well Center with Dr. John Bolte. When Dr. John first reached out to me a couple days ago asking me if I would put together a short little video… Continue Reading Headache and Migraine treatment that actually works – No painkillers – no medications – no surgery.

Hi, everyone and welcome back for another episode of the WellBe Show and Podcast. I am so excited to have with me Jill Blakeway today. She is a licensed and board-certified acupuncturist and clinical herbalist. She is also the founder of the lovely Yinova Center in New York City, where… Continue Reading How Does Energy Healing Work? Dr. Jill Blakeway Explains the Types of Energy Healing

I think it’s very important to have international researchers come together and inform clinicians people who are practicing what’s going on what’s the latest evidence what’s the latest thinking and hopefully to inspire some of them to also become involved in research when I first lectured for the AMA be… Continue Reading Stephen Birch PhD, LAc

– Hi, I’m Susan Taylor with Scripps Health in San Diego, California. Please subscribe to our Scripps Health YouTube channel. We’ve got great videos featuring the latest technology, our stellar doctors and inspiring patient stories. Okay you’re sick, you’ve got a fever, what do you do? Take a pill. Got… Continue Reading San Diego Health: What Is Integrative Medicine?

Today I’m here to share a my experience and learning in TCM OBGYN. In the area of historical development I firmly believe to be a good practitioner Of integrated Women’s Health Care  we must really understand  the fundamentals of TCM. And part of it is to really look at the… Continue Reading OBGYN Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture CEU Video

Not too many people like getting a needle when they’re at the doctor’s office. Well, that’s unless you’re one of the estimated 3 million people who get acupuncture every year. What exactly is acupuncture? It’s a centuries-old practice originating in China, offered today at nearly 42% of all hospitals providing… Continue Reading Benefits of Acupuncture

Have you ever wondered how to explain acupuncture to either a patient or another physician in just two minutes? On November forum this year Dr. Jingduan Yang did exactly that. Actually that was happening before we started. A cardio heart surgeon came to me said, Jing can you explain to… Continue Reading How To Explain Acupuncture In 2 Minutes

[MUSIC] So integrative medicine means taking a team approach to healthcare and that can be by bringing modalities that are different from what is typically a Western biomedical treatment. And that could be something like using massage or using meditation or using acupuncture in conjunction with those traditional therapies. In… Continue Reading Acupuncture | Q&A