Hello, I’m Dr. Earl and I’d like to introduce you to Denali Medical. At Denali, we believe in true healing and implement therapies that trigger the miraculous healing power that is within each and every one of us. Our methods and treatments have a high success rate because they’re based… Continue Reading Denali Medical Center: Overview

It’s pretty funny for me because I guess most people thought that I went off the deep end when I started doing what I do. They wanted to know what happened to Ferran. Ferran used to be a conventional vet. Now he’s putting needles in dolls in the back of… Continue Reading Holistic Veterinarian | Your Story

(bright music) – Hi, my name is Amy Smith, and I’m a Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in Integrative Medicine at the Barton Center of Orthopedics & Wellness. I’m here to bring you your Barton Health Peek. Integrative Medicine is a holistic approach to healthcare. It considers your health goals… Continue Reading Barton Health Peek: Integrative Medicine

Well, first of all, I think it’s important to make physicians and other practitioners aware of what data now exists, because in many cases there’s a lot of evidence out there but it’s in places that conventional doctors don’t look or don’t know to look. Secondly, there is often not… Continue Reading The Advantages of Integrative Medicine

I have a concern about evidence-based medicine. It has immense value, but i’m concerned that within the medical system it’s become the be all and end all that is to medicine. And while it has value, I also wanna show you that I think we need a revolution with regard… Continue Reading An Integrative Holistic Approach to Evidence Based Medicine – Daniel Friedland, MD, ABIHM

in this video we’ll address the debate between naturopath holistic kind of treatments versus Western medicine wait ok now from the beginning yeah and it’s really coming down out there can I take a sick day from being sick I just really need it hey guys what’s up Jeffrey Lin… Continue Reading Natural & Holistic Treatments VS. Western Medicine? The choice is easy | Ep.209

if you’ve been following the evolution medicine and the functional form for awhile you know that would be mainly encouraging you to build what we call a micro practice a low overhead practice that doesn’t take insurance really because insurance and preventive medicine don’t make a lot of sense going… Continue Reading Can You Practice Integrative Medicine On Insurance? Interview With Dr. Dean Ornish

I think it’s important to explain to you where I think medicine is going, how it got to be where it is, and how, absent a tremendous reflection on the part of leaders in health care, we have a danger of getting caught in a very bad direction, a wrong… Continue Reading Impact of Science on Medicine

By focusing only on the physical body and only giving physical treatments, it’s cut itself off from a lot of interventions that are more cost-effective than those that we now use. It’s unwavering commitment to the use of pharmaceutical drugs I see as a real problem. I think adverse drug… Continue Reading What’s Wrong with Conventional Medicine

SPEAKER: Welcome to Medical Insight, a weekly health care feature brought to you by the experts at Essentia Health. Here’s your host, Maureen Talarico. MAUREEN TALARICO: Today on Medical Insight, integrative medicine physician Dr. Nancy Sudak talks about the growing field of holistic medicine, also known as integrative health. DR.… Continue Reading Medical Insight: Integrative Medicine – Essentia Health